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WormNET server list


This is a list of public WormNET servers. You can integrate this list into Worms: Armageddon as a server browser.


This can be useful in case the official WormNET servers are down, or if you want to play on other (usually localized) server.


If your W:A version is v3.7.0.0 or newer, just enable the option Use community server list on the Advanced Options screen. Otherwise:

  1. Make a back-up of your graphics\ServerLobby\ServerList.htm file.
  2. Download this file and unpack it to your graphics\ServerLobby folder, overwriting the default ServerList.htm.
  3. Enjoy.


If you want your server here or have questions, contact me using .

Live server list

No servers seem to be up at the moment... :(

Results are cached for 5 minutes (force re-check).