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Water color editor

Water color editor screenshot

This program can generate Water.dir files with a customized color palette.

To use it, install WormKit and its FileOverride module.

Save your generated Water.dir files to C:\Team17\Worms Armageddon\Data\Water\Blue\Water.dir (adjust paths accordingly). If the folders Water and Blue don't exist, create them.


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Worms Thumbnail Shell Extension

Extends the Windows Explorer shell to display thumbnails for BIT maps, and replays of games with PNG and BIT maps.

Thumbnails screenshot

Download replaypreview.zip, unpack it to a folder and run install.bat.

Warning: opening your User\Games folder in Thumbnails mode might not be a wise thing to do - generating a lot of thumbnails will create a significant stress on the system, so expect about 5-10 minutes of lagginess if you must preview ~1000 replays in a folder at once.

Note: on some machines, Worms : Armageddon overwrites the .WAgame registry key each launch, thus disabling this extension. To prevent this, follow these instructions to set up special permissions:

  1. Install the shell extension by running install.bat, or re-install it if it's disabled.
  2. Start the registry editor (RegEdit).
  3. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Team17.WAgame .
  4. Right-click on the Team17.WAgame key, and select Permissions...
  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Select your username from the Permission entries list, and click Edit...
  7. In Apply onto, select This key and all subkeys; in the Permissions table, check Set Value and Delete in the Deny column.
  8. Click OK. A new "Deny" permission entry should appear in the Permission entries list.
  9. Click OK once to close the Advanced Security Permissions dialog, and OK again to close the first Permissions dialog.

After following the above steps, your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Team17.WAgame key should be protected from modification and deletion - you won't be able to modify it from RegEdit either. If you need to, first adjust the security permissions (simply grant your username Full Control permissions to the key).

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